Best of 2015


2. Susanne Sundfor - Ten Love Songs (Norway) - no link
art pop / synthpop

experimental rock / avant-folk / avant-prog

4. Ibeyi - Ibeyi (Cuba/France) - no link
art pop / alternative r&b / yoruba
Shangaan Electro / Kwaito / ambient dub

Mande music / afro-funk

turkish folk

turkish folk / minimal techno

8. Ghost Bath - Moonlover (USA) - no link
blackgaze / black metal 

9. Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly (USA) - no link

indonesian folk / psych folk



 avant-folk / modern classical

mande music


experimental rock

post rock / atmospheric black metal / drone / dark ambient

exp etc to be resurrected!

Expect posts to be coming a couple of times per week from now on. The emphasis will be on awesome music from all over the world.


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M e t a f o r a

Metafora, "El Hombre Bajo el Sol", musical work originated after a sonorous investigation with the poet current Mapuche Lorenzo Aillapan Human Alive exchequer of The Araucania, realized in the communities of Isla Huapi, Pto. Saavedra and Pto. Dominguez, year 2000, Lorenzo Aillapan, Viviana Saez, Claudio Torres, Ramiro Villarroel y Cristian Aedo, Live in the Hall of University Catolica de Temuco, Araucania, Chile.

Metafora, "Hombre Bajo el Sol", obra musical originada tras una investigacion sonora con el poeta mapuche Lorenzo Aillapan actual tesoro Humano Vivo de La Araucania, realizada en las comunidades de Isla Huapi, Pto. Saavedra y Pto. Dominguez, año 2000, Lorenzo Aillapan, Viviana Saez, Claudio Torres, Ramiro Villarroel y Cristian Aedo, Aula Magna Universidad Catolica de Temuco.


The music of ex-Yugoslavia

The best albums made in this corner of the world.
Just trying to save these links (+ bands?) from obscurity, while mediafire is still alive and before mp3blogs die

Idoli : Odbrana i Poslednji Dani (1982, Belgrade)
my favourite post-punk album ever.

Paraf : Zastave (1984, Rijeka)
post-punk / gothic rock

Marko Brecelj : Cocktail (1974, Ljubljana)
blues / avant folk / singer-songwriter

new wave / post-punk

Haustor : Treći Svijet (1984, Zagreb)
new wave / art pop

EBM / electronic / minimal wave

Tomaž Pengov : Odpotovanja (1973, Ljubljana)

post-punk / experimental / art punk

avant folk / singer-songwriter

Laibach : Opus Dei (1987, Ljubljana)

Luna : Nestvarne Stvari (1984, Novi Sad)

Sedmina : II Dejanje (1982, Ljubljana)
psych folk

EXP ETC Convoca

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