Derek Bailey - 2ª Parte

Derek Bailey & Barre Phillips - 1990 - Figuring


Derek Bailey, Fred Frith, Sonny Sharrock, John Zorn, Bill Laswell & Charles K. Noyes - 1991 - Improvised Music New York 1981


Derek Bailey, John Butcher & Oren Marshall - 1995 - Trio Playing


Derek Bailey - 1996 - Guitar, Drums 'n' Bass


Derek Bailey, John Zorn & William Parker - 1996 - Harras


Derek Bailey & Joelle Leandre - 1997 - No Waiting


Derek Bailey & Keiji Haino - 1997 - Drawing Close, Attuning-The Respective Signs Of Order And Chaos (Parte 1 ; Parte 2)


Derek Bailey & Ruins - 1997 - Tohjinbo


Derek Bailey, John Stevens & Trevor Watts - 1998 - Dynamics Of The Impromptu


Derek Bailey - 1999 - Fairly Early With Postscripts (Parte 1 ; Parte 2)


Derek Bailey & Shaking Ray Levis - 1999 - Live At Lamar's


Han Bennink & Derek Bailey - 1999 - Post Improvisation 1 When We're Smiling


Derek Bailey - 2000 - Drop Me Off At 96th


Derek Bailey - 2000 - Mirakle (Parte 1 ; Parte 2)


Derek Bailey - 2000 - String Theory


Derek Bailey - 2002 - Ballads


waitingtodie said...

Thanks, appreciated as always

chris said...

Great blog!
Can you please post sth by
Arthur Russell?
Thanx in advance

1009 said...

thanks very much. very glad to hear the other ruins collaboration (wch imo exceeds saisoro).

dave said...

What a collection of treasures! There are some records that should be in every home: Trout Mask Replica is one, Ballads is another. It's just exquisite... I've not downloaded it as I bought it as soon as it came out, but thanks for filling the gaps in my Bailey collection in many other ways.

Breno Mendonça said...

You're welcome. Part 3 is coming soon.

Anonymous said...

please post the dimension x album dimension x if you have it. or gown, or soarwhole would be nice. thanks.

mississippi blind joe said...

great collection you have here.
thanks for sharing

Ochyming said...

String Theory...

wightdj said...

Derek on improvisors: "...the world is not divided into improvisors, those who can, and non-improvisors, those who cannot. There are, of course, musicians who can improvise, who have considerable experience of improvisation, and who have found it, for various reasons, unacceptable to them." (from Improvisation, 1980)

LOBESY said...


Wally said...

Absolutely amazing. Thanks Breno.
I have always been a Derek fan but only managed to get my hands on a few LPs & CDs previously. Now slowly working through this marvelous collection.
There seemed to be a problem with the end of Evening Harras, or was that just a download thing?
Thanks again. Wally

xdanx1 said...

Thanks you very much!

ahmed said...

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Li Se said...

Yes Yes Yes! this is awesome - thank you - its like finding a massive gold deposit while digging throuhg layers of the web...yay!

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