Voice Crack

voice crack old website
andy guhl
norbert möslang

1977 - deep voices

voice crack
1986 - kick that habit

voice crack + borbetomagus
1988 - fish that sparkling bubble

voice crack
1990 - earflash

voice crack + borbetomagus
1991 - asbestos shake

voice crack + borbetomagus
1994 - concerto for cracked everyday electronics and chamber orchestra

voice crack + günter müller + jim o'rourke
1996 - table chair and hatstand

voice crack
1997 - below beyond above

voice crack
1998 - taken & changed

voice crack
1999 - infra_red

voice crack + erik m + günter müller
1999 - poire_z

voice crack + otomo yoshihide
2000 - bits, bots & signs

voice crack + lionel marchetti + jérôme noetinger
2001 - double wash

voice crack + oren ambarchi + günter müller
2002 - oystered

voice crack + günter müller + philip samartzis
2005 - wireless within


Tim said...

I've heard about these guys, and I've been meaning to check them out

listening to Earflash now and it's amazing


Jason said...

holy cow, this is a treasure trove! thanks so much.

João said...


Carlos Delbianco said...

thanks lot, man!

precious videos!

precious links!


Mr. Letárgico said...


mississippi blind joe said...

que post mais supremo!!!

centrifuge said...

thanks a lot, you guys put in a great deal of hard work...

El Librito said...

Alucinante, muchas muchas muchas gracias

virushaus said...

dope shit !!!

rickets said...


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