Live At Kichijoji / Mandala II (2001)

Hyderomastgroningem (1995)

Stonehenge (1990)

Tzomborgha (2002)

Refusal Fossil (1997)

Burning Stone (1992)

Graviyaunosch (1993)

Symphonica (1998)

Vrresto (1998)


african said...

what'd i say?

Anonymous said...

I have long been a huge fan of your blog, and with this post, you have become my favorite music blogger of all time. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I just love this great blog! many thanx!!

Clepsidra 66 said...

Prestaram um grande serviço aos amantes da boa música. Parabéns

Anonymous said...

holy cow, thanks!

Anonymous said...

thax i love Ruins!!!!!

Melvillain said...

Great stuff. I ran across your blog looking for some Ruins stuff. Looks like I came to the right place. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The link in the "Symphonica" album is not longer aviable.

Could You Post a new one?

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