Six Organs Of Admittance


•1998 - Six Organs Of Admittance
•2003 - For Octavio Paz
•2005 - School of The Flower
•2002 - Dark Nootide
•2000 - Dust And Chimes
•2001 - Six Organs Of Admittance & Charalambides
Songs From The Entoptic Garden Volume 2
•2002 - You Can Always See The Sun
•2002 - Alchemical Octaves & Rarified Frequencies Pt 1
Alchemical Octaves & Rarified Frequencies Pt 2
•2003 - Nightly Trembling
•2003 - Compathia
•2004 - The Manifestation
•2004 - Untitled CDR
•Six Organs Of Admittance & Colossal Yes - 2005 - Split 7'
•2005 - 12 Bar Club, London, Uk 24-01-05
•2006 - The sun awakens
•2006 - Live At KVRX
•2006 - 666 Days Of Blood
•2007 - Helter from the ash
•2000 - Somewhere Between Her Shoulder and God EP
2004 - It Was Written Split 7" with Stephanie Volkmar
2006 - Split 7" with Om


ElGaucho said...

wow. thank you thank you thank you.

Paddy Reilly said...

thank you so much, i subscribed to your blog, and when i saw this today i was ecstatic, i could not even believe it, because i had been searching all day for a couple rare six organs torrents, so thanks!

Kevin said...

Thanks a lot for this comprehensive overview of the Six Organs catalog. As usual, there is alway some great stuff to check out here.

I have a blog called Eclectic Grooves which features all kinds of stuff including rare live shows from Cecil Taylor, Sun City Girls Ornette Coleman and US Maple. also, lots of eclectic stuff there like out-of-print records and mix tapes. Check it out, and feel free to add me to your links if you want.

Best, Kevin

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c said...

thanks!!!! many great recordings worth sharing

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot ! Awesome work

Anonymous said...

dang. pretty pretty sweet. thanks

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Laura said...

yes, what a great gift! tx!
Laura ::

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Anonymous said...

thanks very very much ... amazing music.

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armeur H said...

Six Organs Of Admittance + Gala Drop live in Paris here :

enjoy as I enjoyed !

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