Ornette Coleman

1985 opening the caravan of dreams

1979 of human feelings

1976 body meta

1973 dancing in your head

1967 chappaqua suite


Octoplenum said...

Great choices! Not his best known albums, but some of my favorite Ornette. I beleive Pharoah Sanders is present on "Chappaqua" as part of the uncredited brass/wind ensemble, and "Body Meta" is just downright funky. The "Caravan of Dreams" is not so easy to find these days, so many thanks for giving us all another chance to hear this stuff!

Roger Camden said...

people make much of coleman's sixties output—and they should—but anything he did with prime time is my favorite stuff
anything with bern nix after dancing in your head
amazing free funk
fusion with coleman's "harmelodic" theory intact
Body Meta is probably the best I've heard, so far

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I lost "Caravan of Dreams" and am happy to find it again. Superior blog!

wightdj said...

Very choice Ornette, all of which I haven't heard in years. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


grasprelease said...

I have to periodically come back by your blog to tell you thanks and amazing work! Thanks specifically for all these lovely Ornette records, conveniently together in one place. His genius staggers my imagination. Great blog!

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