Aguaturbia - Inside II-sepia

Aguaturbia was a Chilean rock band formed in 1968, featuring Carlos Corales (guitars) and his wife Denise (vocals). Band is known as pioneers of psychedelic rock in Chile and one of the most known band outside USA and UK. They have mixed psychedelic rock with Latin America folklore.

Aguaturbia - Front

Download Part I & Part II


Harry kiri said...

Another great contribution from Mr. Roney Stones; gotta say thanks!

Andrés said...

ni sabía que existían
es el pago de chile.

está rebueno.
todo un descubrimiento.


joao said...

nossa, roney, adorei essa foto, rapaz!
ah, deixe ver o que é da música. não os conheço. obrigado e apareça sempre. j.

Roney Stones said...

ouve sim João, esse cd é incrível!

and thanks YOU Harry kiri, I hope you enjoy

한승연짱! said...

Me too