Skirting The Edge
2009 Skirting The Edge

2008 The Myth of the Blue Icicles

2000 Put My Dream on This Planet

1999 The Beginning

1998 New Town

1997 I Woke Up

1996 White Box Requiem

1994 Glad to Get Away

1994 Graven Image

1993 Twelfth Apostle

1992 Lost Cause

1991 One Foot in the North

1990 Somebody in the Snow

1989 The Living End

1988 On the Way

1988 You Walk Alone

1987 Blue Corpse

1987 Modern Dances

1986 Follow Your Footsteps

1986 Telegraph Melts

1985 Foreign Keys

1985 Nine-Thirty

1984 Interstellar Discussion

1983 The Rocks Crumble

1983 Your Turn to Fall

1982 Staring at the Cellophane

1982 Living in a Moon So Blue

1982 Chair Beside a Window

1981 Later On

1981 Six and Six

1978 Ready for the House


Anonymous said...

yesssssssss thank you

Anonymous said...

you're seriously putting the majority of his catalog up for download? he sells these for $4 a disc.

Roney Stones said...

Anonymous, not all people live in US. Some people live in other countries, OK?

Anonymous said...

okay, $4.40 each

Roney Stones said...

his knowledge in economy surprises me

harry said...

i agree with anon

if you like the music do purchase it, he's had no help from anyone for the past 30 years and he's doing a great thing

Jandek: the king of independent artists

joao said...

danminhão experiença: the king of independent artists!

Anonymous said...

FREE DOWNLOAD We are not in fucking USA!!

Anonymous said...

wah wah wah..always some complaiers.... thanks for the links....

Jo/No said...

I've been planning to check out Jandek for years but don't know where to start. Any suggestion?

Roney Stones said...

the albums are divided by stages, each album has their own atmosphere, their own characteristics.

I think the Modern Dances (1987) is a good start. It's only my opinion, I'm sure many will disagree, but Modern Dances was the most listened by me.

You Walk Alone (88) and Blue Corpse (88) are also part of this 'cycle'.

Rômulo said...

''Jandek: the king of independent artists''


Damião Experiença > Jandek

Anonymous said...

start with Ready for the House and go chronologically. I find the earlier acoustic stuff to be my favorite, i.e. the first 3 albums, Nine-Thirty, etc. Not to into his "band" period, where he had multiple unnamed guests in a sort of free improv group. Don't get me wrong, i love free improv, but the mid-eighties Jandek has a quality that i don't really like in free improv. His later (2000's) live stuff has some good free improv (sort of).

Stratis said...

thanks man!