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?? - Psycho Analysis


d. said...

'On the very obscure Squirrel records out of Italy (home of the famed Accadde a library). This one is psychotic space sound with an insane vintage drum machine + electronics track called seagull song. Very moody music diagraming in sound the various pathologies of mental illness. Who is the mysterious person behind this record ? My guess is it is Daniela Casa (based on sound) but could be just about anyone.'

Roney Stones said...

Yeah, I saw this description in the 36-15-moog.blogspot. There was the only place I found something about this release =/

David said...

Hey this is great. A bit of arbitrary information - the typeface on the cover is designed by New Zealand type designer Joseph Churchward - it is called 'Churchward Design'. Back in the 70's he was the only NZ typedesigner to have a significant success in overseas distribution of his designs.
excellent blog, thanks again.

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Denis_ said...