Gaiteiros de Lisboa

The most amazing band to come out of the Portuguese traditional/folk scene during the last 20 years, in my opinion. Dont't miss them live, if they play a gig near you.

Gaiteiros de Lisboa is a folk-traditional-world band of multi-talented musicians who got together around a sonorous project that stands on the constant search for new sounds. This has leaded the group to the creation of original instruments. Basing its work upon the combination of the sound of different wind instruments and vocal polyphonies, the band plays both songs and tunes coming out of Portuguese tradition or from other cultures, as well as their own compositions. Their experimental attitude sets up a bridge between Tradition and Modernity, by blending traditional styles with contemporary sensibilities. [from the band's official website]

Full album discography:

Invasões Bárbaras (1995)

Bocas do Inferno (1997)

Dançachamas - Live (2000) Part 1
Dançachamas - Live (2000) Part 2

Macaréu (2002)

Sátiro (2006)

Gaiteiro's official website

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