Arthur Verocai

(1972) Arthur Verocai / V0

"The liner notes describe the record as the Brazilian equivalent of Shuggie Otis' Inspiration Information, and while it's not off base, I think the musical versatility in Verocai's arrangements is more expansive. The album is as sweepingly cinematic as Milton Nascimento and Lo Borges' Clube de Esquina or Borges' self-titled record, but Verocai also travels a slightly different path often layering Latin grooves over deep doses of funk. There's a looser feel as he and his backing band experiment with extended horn, guitar and keyboard solos, light bits of spacey electronics, and a heavier influence of jazz." (othermusic)


edlorado said...

great music thanks!

marcelantoni said...

quando você acha que conhece musica brasileira descobre um disco desses ...isso é massa !!!!

que arranjos !!!

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