VA - For The Dead-In Space – Tribute to Tom Rapp


Including Kawabata Makoto, James Jackson Toth, Thurston Moore, Alastair Galbraith, Glenn Donaldson (here under the monicker Olivetree), Marissa Nadler, Kemialliset Ystävät, Bardo Pond, Fursaxa and many more… Discogs

Special thanks to Norman Neubauer

VA - For The Dead-In Space - Tribute to Tom Rapp
(Pearls Before Swine)


RC said...

Any way you could re-rip this in one format? some of it is 192 mp3 and some of it is 256 AAC. Maybe a slightly higher bit rate too? Thanks for the up.

Niels said...

i'm sorry RC; i gave away the original to a friend of mine who lives far away and who's not using the internet very much. didn't notice the differencies when i ripped the discs, damn. norman

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