Luciano Cilio

(2004) Dell'Universo Assente / V0 / Anthology

Compiles the 1977 album 'Dialoghi del Presente' plus extra tracks.

(...) "essentially self-taught concerning the music composition" focused his research on long sustained sounds, on the sound in its primary and ‘internal’ meaning, at the outset on the melodic, rhythmic and harmonic entities, to "re-enter in the sound, to hold it, to hold it... then to leave it to go”.
In this record Luciano Cilio plays as a multi-instrumentalist, performing on piano, guitar, flute, bass and mandola, also joined by musicians coming from different experiences and areas. Unexpected, in 1983, the death in suicide, at crest of his career, but also at crest of a production shuddering into silence.