The music of ex-Yugoslavia

The best albums made in this corner of the world.
Just trying to save these links (+ bands?) from obscurity, while mediafire is still alive and before mp3blogs die

Idoli : Odbrana i Poslednji Dani (1982, Belgrade)
my favourite post-punk album ever.

Paraf : Zastave (1984, Rijeka)
post-punk / gothic rock

Marko Brecelj : Cocktail (1974, Ljubljana)
blues / avant folk / singer-songwriter

new wave / post-punk

Haustor : Treći Svijet (1984, Zagreb)
new wave / art pop

EBM / electronic / minimal wave

Tomaž Pengov : Odpotovanja (1973, Ljubljana)

post-punk / experimental / art punk

avant folk / singer-songwriter

Laibach : Opus Dei (1987, Ljubljana)

Luna : Nestvarne Stvari (1984, Novi Sad)

Sedmina : II Dejanje (1982, Ljubljana)
psych folk


Anonymous said...

Great introduction to ex-YU underground rock. I would also include U Škripcu's post-punk debut LP Godine Ljubavi (1982) and Kozmetika's self-titled, new wave classic LP (1983).
Do you really fear the vanishing of mp3 blogs any time soon?

Unknown said...

Great post, thank you so much

louisville michael said...

I only know Laibach. Looking forward to learning the others, thank you very much!

Vaykorus said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks..

cvetkrstev said...

oh, yes, the first two are really great, also forth, fifth, sixth, eighth, tenth and eleventh, thanks so, so much for this! (U škripcu: O, je! also, I can rip my cassette if u wish. ,) And here's vocalist Delča's last track produced after his sudden death last year. r. i. p)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Hey, thank you for forging on. I have loved your offerings for years.

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