Beat Happening


You turn me on 1992

Black Candy 1989

Beat Happening & Screaming Trees – split EP 1988

Music To Cimb The Apple Tree 2003

Jamboree 1988

Beat Happening 1985

The Vaselines/Beat Happening live in london 06 16 1988


Anonymous said...

um, that is a pic of dub narcotic sound system.

Ryan said...

Very awesome, thank you!

João said...

thank's bp

.. said...

hello from Paris,
nice blog !
you guys who are into psychédelic / kraut etc music, you should have a look at this french compilation of psychedelic bands, including kill for Total Peace, Turzi, One Switch To Collision, Aqua Nebula Oscillator ...

VOYAGE : Facing the history of french modern psychedelic music on
Pan European Recording

Anonymous said...

'um' its not : it's a picture of beat happening..bret, heather, calvin...duh!

Anonymous said...

it was changed from a picture of dub narcotic to a pic of beat happening.

mississippi blind joe said...

é bem este tipo de partilha. são merdas classicas

Transeunte Mentecapto said...

Valeu, eu tava procurando a discografia deles

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