Easy tempo [v.a]

Easy Tempo Volume 1
A Cinematic Easy Listening Experience

Easy Tempo Volume 2
The Psycho Beat

Easy Tempo Volume 3
Further Cinematic Easy Listening Experiences

Easy Tempo Volume 4
A Kaleidoscopic Collection of Exciting and Diverse Cinematic Themes

Easy Tempo Volume 5
A Slammin' Cinematic Experience

Easy Tempo Volume 6
A Cinematic Jazz Experience

Easy Tempo Volume 7
Bikini Beat

Easy Tempo Volume 8
Cinematica! Different Musical Horizons

Easy Tempo Volume 9
The Ultimate Cinematic Compendium

Easy Tempo Volume 10
...End Titles


Ryan said...

These are freaking great, does anyone happen to have higher bitrates?

Anonymous said...

Try a record store.

Anonymous said...

song nr1 at the first volume is missing

Anonymous said...

I mean nr5.. Mark il poliziotto

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