Electro-Shock For President EP (Touch & Go, 1997)

Hissing Prigs In Static Couture (Touch & Go, 1996)

Bonsai Superstar (Grass, 1994)

Smack Bunny Baby (Grass, 1993)


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Cut down in their prime, unfortunately, the last EP promised even better work.

Anonymous said...

Couple days too late to get this. I was a huge Brainiac fan in college.

waltz on the moon said...

check back tomorrow, I'll try my best to re-up those albums for a few hours at least.

Mars said...

Yup. They were so ahead of their time. When everyone else was wearing flannel, rockin' hippy hair, smelling bad and playing warmed over 70's rock, Brainiac were well dressed and played hyper kinetic electronic tinged rock.

Very much a bummer when Timmy went out like a 50's movie star. Big time.

Anonymous said...

Hissing Prigs In Static Couture & Electro-Shock for President are down.... :-((((

Can you re-up ? :-))

waltz on the moon said...

all dead links have been brought back to life.
thanks for being patient.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot man!

waltz on the moon said...


Anonymous said...

electro-shock for president EP is down. please re-up. thanks in advance :)

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