Royal Trux

Cats & Dogs (Drag City, 1993)

Thank You (Virgin, 1995)

Twin Infinitives
(Drag City, 1989)


mario said...

Twin Infinitives is a masterpiece
great post

1009 said...

agreed on twin infinitives. thank you very much!

in the request category, i've been trying to track down a digital copy of rt's *dogs of love*. has anyone ever seen one?

waltz on the moon said...

royal trux material is not the easiest to come by on the internet.

I'll keep an eye open for "Dogs Of Love" though.

Nx said...

Thank you very much for this. I couldn't find any record by Royal Trux, except Twin Infinitives.

i_ate_cats said...

Thanks for this, really appreciated.

Anonymous said...

"Thank You" is only 128 kbs and is therefore rubbish quality and not worth downloading. "Cats & Dogs" is good quality though and well worth having.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, hadn't listened to Twin in a while... "Dogs of Love" would be amazing — casting out another line: anybody see my "singles, live, unreleased" anywhere?

lorcan white said...

some RT here:

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