Climax Golden Twins

Five Cents A Piece (2007, Abduction)


werdherder said...

Thank you !

icastico said...

These guys are great.

Francisco said...

Thank you so much for this one. ;)

I've added you to my links.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for one of the coolest music blog of the Network...
My name is Lubna Dar and I live in Switzeland.
I write down this message 'cause I wanna know if I could ask you a favor?
I'm deperately looking for Bügsküll's first album "Phantasies & Senseitions",
'cause the tape I had (offered by a friend from San Fransisco) broke down
and it's almost a tragedy for me!
I look dawn all the internet, all peer to peer programs, tried to ship it from Europe but
it's impossible! (out of print or I can't ship it with my credit card from the US)
Could you try to post it or ask if somebody from all your sources knows how
to find it?
You will be something like my sevior or my knight!!!
Hoping you will answer me (even's a negatve answer!)
A huge kiss
Another time: congratulations for your work!

Soidemersol said...

I found your album, I'm downloading it. I'll post it as soon as it comes.

bruceski4all said...

Could you re upload this album to mediafire? The file not longer exists. I would greatly appreciate it if you get the chance!