William S. Burroughs

Real English Tea Made Here (2007, Audio Research Editions)
CD 1
CD 2
CD 3

"Real English Tea Made Here is an anthology of the cut-up tapes of William S. Burroughs. Containing rare and unpublished material, of over three hours duration, the collection provides a valuable insight into Burroughs' methodology and constitutes an important document of his expansion from cut-ups on paper to vocal permutations and sonic experimentation".


j said...

oohh... burroughs i have never heard! I grab all of his shit, whenever i come across it, he's a hero of mine. Personal favorite: Breakthrough in a grey room. Ever heard the Giorno Poetry Systems box set? Nice work, thanks!

Ochyming said...


Anonymous said...

oh man! i love burroughs! thanks!

harry kiri said...

WSB was the greatest living author of all times. he wasn't just a writer, he created a whole new language. this guy had more ideas per square mile than anyone I know. cut-ups represented a definitive blow in the space-time continuum. there's no way I can thank you enough for this one, so thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ha, once I saw "cut-up" in the description I had to get this. Breakthrough in the grey room is my favorite too!

Anonymous said...

some more WSB recently found on the interweb

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted - A Something Else Production for BBC Radio 4, Presented by Laurie Anderson.
Ripped from DVD @320kbs, first broadcast March 2008. Length: 28'06" - 64.3MB

Burroughs at the Hacienda - ripped from The Final Academy DVD (2002) @320kbs. Length: 35'59" - 82.3MB

found at:

edlorado said...

thanks for sharing!