Nana Love

Disco Documentary Full Of Funk (1978)  •  discogs

"If there was ever a female James Brown from Africa, it would be this lady right here, Nana Love from Ghana. She composed, arranged and produced all the songs on this album which features great boogie, funk, spacy and instrumental tunes. Very tight backing players featuring intergalactic keyboard and synth improvisation on several keys, multi horn section, bongos, drums, and the occasional scream by the lady herself... even a flute solo. Chaotic."

"For musical anthropologists and collectors of long-forgotten recorded artefacts, the 1970s singer Nana Love is a textbook case: the practically unknown yet contextually enthralling blank slate. Almost no information about this artist exists, beyond the basic facts that she was an up-and-coming performer on the Lagos, Nigeria-centred West African nightclub circuit, that she never quite achieved stardom there, but that she provided lead vocals on a number of recording sessions featuring many of the talented musicians that populated this scene. If lucky, interested parties can occasionally find copies of her one known album, 1978's Disco Documentary Full of Funk, for sale on various internet vinyl emporia for exorbitant prices."  - Piotr Orlov


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