Take Me Home: A Tribute to John Denver - VA [2000]

"Take Me Home - a Tribute to John Denver" - features Bonnie Prince Billy, Low, Tarnation, The Innocence Mission, Rachel Haden (from that dog), Sunshine Club, Hannah Marcus, Granfaloon Bus, James Hindle and Red House Painters.

Red House Painters frontman, Mark Kozelek, compiled this remarkable collection of popular and obscure songs of John Denver. Each song was recorded specifically for this tribute.

As John Denver was a supporter of animals, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Pets In Need - a non profit organization dedicated to bringing loving, healthy homes to adoptable animals. They strongly support the movement called "No-Kill."

"My idea for this record is to take artists that are less likely to be associated with John Denver, have them open up a new audience to his songs, and give exposure to his popular as well as less known but significant work."

- Mark Kozelek

Tracklist :

01. The Eagle And The Hawk
Bonnie "Prince" Billy
02. Follow Me
Innocence Mission
03. Poems, Prayers And Promises
Rachel Haden
04. Fly Away
Red House Painters
05. Around And Around
Red House Painters
06. Looking For Space
Hannah Marcus
07. Matthew
Granfaloon Bus
08. Annie's Song
Sunshine Club
09. Whispering Jesse
James William Hindle
10. Leaving On A Jet Plane
11. Back Home Again
12. I'm Sorry
Red House Painters

Take Me Home: A Tribute to John Denver - VA [2000]


Roney Stones said...

fico feliz em saber que no tributo ninguém tocou Country Roads. apesar de ótima, seria injusto demais.

Pancho'pium said...


j said...

i've been looking for this. Mark Kozelek is so cool. Thanks so much, yr a life saver, i've been needing a copy of his version of I'm Sorry.

Pancho'pium said...



Jerry Orbach said...

Thank god there's no Country Roads. I currently live in West Virginia and I'm not joking when I say I hear that song every time I go out. Fuck that guy.

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