(2010) New Zealand Eels / 320k

As requested by the label, the link was taken down. / discogs / review / buy


emerald cocoon said...


Thanks for taking an interest in the Sunken album, but I'm going to have to ask you to please take the download link down. We're still selling copies (all of which come with a free download code) and so are the artists. I'm happy for this to be posted when it's out of print, or even when we've managed to cover our costs (I'll let you know when). At the moment it's done neither and we'll need it to do at least one of those two things to be able to fund our next releases (a series of solo 7"s by Christina Carter, MHFS and others TBA).


Andrew - Emerald Cocoon

Soidemersol said...

done. the information about the album remain so that people can buy it if there's interest. keep up the good work!


billy bob thorntown said...

just last night i was just listening to the sunken track on that last visible dog compilation and was impressed enough to look up who they were on discogs... shocked to find it was a.m. and pumice! perhaps i'll buy this after my next paycheck.