VA Dada et la Musique

(2005) Various Artists - Dada et la Musique / V0

Produced by the Centre Pompidou in France, specifically to be sold at the recent Dada exhibit there. Includes some classic original works (Schwitters, George Antheil), Raoul Hausmann); the majority are new recordings of original dada works by an European ensemble directed by Johny Fritz. "The Dadaists did their best, by means of agitation and sheer noise, to knock down the idols of an Old World, which had not hesitated to plunge the people of Europe into the bloodiest of wars. But, as they were artists in their inner souls despite their negation of art itself, they could not completely stifle their general movement of destruction to produce works of art. Whether it be in the derisive gluing together of the pieces they had broken asunder, whether it be in the resolute trampling out of all aesthetics. This album proposes several examples of what deliberate cacophony was able to produce in the way of poetry and music, not only in the Dadaist circle, but also among those composers who, at one moment of another in their development, identified themselves with the Dadaist movement." Includes works by: Satie, Germaine Albert-Birot, Hugo Ball, Honegger, Tristan Tzara, Cyril Scott, Jean Arp, Schonberg, Poulenc, Kurt Schwitters, George Antheil, Marinetti, Vincente Huidobro, Milhaud, Max Ernst, Raoul Haussman, Erwin Schulhoff, Richard Huelsenbeck.


Anonymous said...

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mahendra singh said...

Many thanks. We plan to use this on our home-office muzak system. Nothing says work-harder than DADA

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