Derek Bailey


1967 - Pieces For Guitar

1970 - Music Improvisation

Derek Bailey, Evan Parker & Han Bennink - 1970 - Topography Of The Lungs

1971 - Solo Guitar

1973 - Incus Taps

Derek Bailey & Dave Holland - 1971 - Improvisations For Cello And Guitar

Anthony Braxton & Derek Bailey - 1974 - First Duo Concert

1975 - Improvisation

Kaoru Abe, Motoharu Yoshizawa, Toshinori Kondo & Derek Bailey - Aida's Call

Derek Bailey & Tony Coe - 1979 - Time

1981 - Aida

1982 - Cyro

Derek Bailey & Evan Parker - 1986 - Compatibles

Derek Bailey & Han Bennink - 1988 - Han

Cecil Taylor & Derek Bailey - 1988 - Pleistozaen Mit Wasser Pt1Pt2

1989 - Lace


1009 said...


[gasping for breath]


dave said...

Derek Bailey is one of those musicians, who, when you are listening to him, make you wonder why you would ever want to listen to anyone else. This post has filled a few gaps in my collection. Thanks so very much!

Pancho said...



Anonymous said...

the link to the record with han bennink doesn't appear to be working

Breno Mendonça said...

All links working fine!

Anonymous said...

Thank you immensley for this post. Great music. The Bailey-Bennik post is however dead (in some sense). I have tride with different web readers but still it will not upload anything.


T. said...

Do caralho! Só pedreira reunida... Mais uma vez agradeço ao Breno e a equipe!

juan said...

Gracias por el link a Bailey/Coe
y felicitaciones por el blog

Lo mejor para todos en
experimental etc


FreeCT said...

i LOOOVE your blog! any chance of some Kaoru Abe???
thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

This is my first listen to Bennink's drumming. Anyone have any idea what he is up to now?

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this. Anyway, the first time I tried download the album with Bailey and Bennink it has been downloaded 36 times - now it is up to 430! Please,what is the secret? Where is the "magic" link in this post? After 15 years in internet buissenes, I cannot crack this one. What!

Anonymous said...

me neither.
Please help!

(another anonymous)

david_grundy said...

all I can say is...


prolapso said...

WOW your blog rules, thanks for all :)

Anonymous said...

I am also having problems with the "Han" download. As the file size is over 100 MB, I am assuming it is hosted on MegaUpload. Is there a way to post the link here? Both Bennink and Bailey are amazing and I would love to hear this. Thanks for all of the great music!


unitstructure said...

thanks for taking the time to upload this great,hard to get ahold of music.

frank hertz said...

i haven't been this infatuated with an artist in a long time~~thank you so so much for sharing this music!

frank hertz said...

i haven't been this infatuated with an artist in a long time~~thank you so so much for sharing this music!

PiSTOL said...

Part two of the Braxton/Bailey First Duo Concert doesn't work. I tried all sources and more than one expander. Part2 is broken despite Breno's edict.

PiSTOL said...

Thank you for the wonderful blog by the way. So much great music - your efforts are appreciated X1000.

wightdj said...

Brilliant concept and execution. His Company gatherings raised the bar for improvisers everywhere. Miss you Derek!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I'm very excited to hear this!

Jacob Reed said...
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Jacob Reed said...

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