Copying machine music (2003)


01. Xerox 265DC
02. Xerox 5828
03. Xerox 5818
04. Panasonic FP-7742 (ID # 7895)
05. Canon Imagerunner 210S (Serial # NPQ00023)
06. Toshiba 2060
07. Xerox 5828
08. Canon NP 6545 (Serial # NCJ12633)
09. Konica 4355
10. Xerox Docucolor 12
11. Matrix 12510-12
12. Minolta EP 6001 CS PRO (Serial # 21742775)
13. Xerox 5435 (Bookmark 35)
14. Untitled


João said...

foi mais rápido douglas, tinha vindo postar justamente isso.
tá feito.

Gabriel said...

Pode re-upar? :)

Xerox Phaser Printers said...

All I gotta say is Grrrreat playlist! Just the other day I saw the movie Nick & Nora's infinite playlist and it was exhilarating.. I myself really know music I can say quite well, and whenever I make my music mix CD I try to put effort into making the playlist in the right order because to me the order is of what song goes in what place is really crucial.. Some small amount of people may not agree with me but many do agree and for those who don't believe just try and see how well it comes out when you try to make it in a 'correct' order :) Enjoy! But just want to leave off at saying you have a great playlist!

Ploni said...

I would really like to hear this. Please re up this for me? The link is dead :-(

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