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2006 - I Will Soothe My Eye To Feast It

2006 - Addiction For Slumber

2007 - II

2005 - Ignatz

2007 - They Are Quiet As Mice


chismify said...

i want only say thanks to the uploader beacouse slant this page i have know a lot of new music, music genres. thx for all your thread and entries ;)


Anonymous said...

thanks for this -- would love to snag that cassingle he did too?

Pancho said...

que buen blues!

creo que ya me volvi adicto a este blog, pura buena musica, Good!

David said...

I love this guy, have 3 of his albums.. I'd love to see him play live someday. Keep up the great posts!

Anonymous said...

David, I don't know where you live but Ignatz is playing Terrastock 7 in Louisville, KY.

Cocteau Twins said...


Thanks, thanks, thanks..

Nice blog, brilliant blog..


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all these. I have II and III on vinyl, but now I can listen to them and the others on my ipod. Gracias!

bcordone said...

Thanks for this. Ignatz is hard to find. Been looking for "the draft". Share anyone? Also great blog. You post incredible music. Thanks for sharing and your time you put into this.

Unknown said...

any chance of re-upping these? i love ignatz, and i love your blog. have been chewing on all the MRC postings for a while now. thanks!

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