Albert Ayler


1964 albert ayler and don cherry vibrations a.k.a ghosts
1964 spiritual unity
1964 witches and devils a.k.a spirits
1966 albert ayler and don cherry new york eye and ear control
1970 music is the healing force of the universe


Anonymous said...

i love this blog, you are amazing, many many thanks

Ochyming said...

Muito Obrigado.
Tive un album-duplo dele.
Foi roubado.

comatoast said...

great posts!

dont know how you all feel about reuqests but I'd love to see some Pharoah Sanders

Anonymous said...

sin palabras, muy buen blog muchas gracias

ram said...

Whats the password for Music is the healing Force of the Universe? or am i just an idiot?

slowchimes said...

You're not an idiot - Music Is The Healing Force won't work for me either....

Anonymous said...

Just open the rar right click,choose rename i.e. "music" and extract.

wightdj said...

Very nice posts. Thanks for sharing.

Mona said...

Great blog & thanks for the Ayler. Many years ago I had a band called Eye & Ear Control (London 1981)!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried renaming Music is... but it didn't work at all.

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