Eric Dolphy


1960 Eric Dolphy Quintet Outward Bound
1960/61 Candid Dolphy pt1 pt2
1960 Ken McIntyre with Eric Dolphy Looking Ahead
1960 Eric Dolphy With Booker Little Far Cry pt1 pt2
1961 Oliver Nelson with Eric Dolphy Straight Ahead
1961 Stockholm Sessions
1962 Eric Dolphy Quintet feat. Herbie Hancock
1963 Iron Man
1964 Charles Mingus Quintet with Eric Dolphy Stuttgart pt1 pt2 pt3
1964 Last Date
1968 Out to Lunch


Anonymous said...

one of the greatest jazzbos of all time...awesome....thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks, was missing a few ones !

Anonymous said...

porra joão, botasse pra fuder cara! mandou muito! valeu!


cam said...

Yes, I was missing some Dolphy, thanks a lot.

If it's possible, would you mind uploading some John Fahey or any other American Primitivism artist? It'd be appreciated a lot, thanks.

cam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Eric Dolphy is sooo good!

Would love to see this Dolphy post followed up with some Marion Brown!!!!!!!


neil said...

Dolphy was under-appreciated in his lifetime, and oh, how we miss him now!

ram said...

you have excellent taste in jazz. keep up the good work! thanks

Anonymous said...

cual es el pass para descargar de mediafire stock.sessions? gracias: danielo

Anonymous said...

"Out To Lunch" was released in 1964 the year he died, and not 1968 you knob.

Anonymous said...

qual é a pass para descargar de mediafire stockolme.sessions - obrigado

Andrés said...

saxofonista y compositor genial
sin duda uno de los innovadores de la década de los sesentas.

muchas gracias por los links!!

Anonymous said...

Eric Dolphy - Naima (1964)

keep it up ;)

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