2008 dolpin sonar


bbta said...

thank you for blog, it's great!!!
can you post something by Coffee (tim poland and david cross)?

PBK said...

PBK here:

Great blog... My friend Masami Akita, aka Merzbow, his work is genius.

For those interested I have a blog called The Sound Genetic:

There are many free album downloads there in the genres of noise / free improv / industrial / experimental, etc.

Among the gems:

PBK/Vidna Obmana-Depression And Ideal, 1989(noise/ambient)

PBK-Exclusion Zones w/Nocturnal Emissions, Wolf Eyes, Aube and more, 2004(noise/experimental)

PBK-Mescaline Tracks & Headmix(psychedelic electronica)

PBK w/De Fenestra & Dr. Guillermo Gregorio(Hat Art recording artist)-Chicago Pieces(freenoise/jazz)


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