The Cairo Gang

"While there's nothing new about the Cairo Gang's debut full-length, none of it sounds canned or dated either. How do they make oft-cited influences sound fresh? Long answer: The Cairo Gang take the instrumentation of gentle British 70's folk with the free-form composition and detached, beard-stroking vibe of post-rock, all executed with the fidelity and humility of homespun indie rock. Short answer: The Cairo Gang cuts across musical movements of several years' span to create music sounding distinctly out of time.
Guitarist Emmett Kelly has accompanied several other artists such as Beth Orton and Edith Frost as a supposed wunderkind, but the record is free of show-offy virtuosity or flash. Kelly's talents lie in his intuition, and that's a big part of why the jarring shifts between songs don't sound forced, just restless. Some of it was drawn from material Kelly worked on by himself, explaining the often home-recorded feel, though he drafted more musicians and completed recording in at least three other cities before finishing this diverse whole."

(2006) The Cairo Gang / V2