Roy Harper

Roy Harper is an English rock / folk singer-songwriter / guitarist who's been a professional musician since the mid 1960s. Harper is known for his distinctive, sophisticated fingerstyle playing and lengthy, complex compositions. His admirers and followers over the years have included Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, Ian Anderson of Jehro Tull, Johnny Marr of The Smiths, and more recently, Joanna Newsom and pretty much the entire "New Weird America" movement. Harper has been referred to as “the longest running underground act in the world”.


Definitive Harper's masterpiece, one of the best albums of the 70s, among the most influential folk albums ever made. Sort of like Bob Dylan meeting Scott Walker meeting Nick Drake. It's just 4 songs, each over 7 minutes long, mostly featuring nothing more than Roy, his haunted voice and the beautiful things he's doing with his guitar. Still sounds unbelievably fresh, emotional, majestic, timeless.