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1953 on the streets of new york

1956 moondog

1957 the story of moondog


Cody said...

Holy Christ Yes!

Anonymous said...

Since you have previously posted an album by OLAibi, I share this lastest album in hopes you will share it with the exp etc community. I hope you and fellow OlAibi fans enjoy.

derek said...

1956 moondog: "The file could not be found. Please check the download link."

Actually been meaning to check on Moondog for quite some time, thanks for the push in the right direction!

AM said...

I say long live Ana Sniesko, due to her good deeds to this community.

And I say Hallellujah, 'cause these records are so damn good I felt ashamed for having listened to so much shitty music before.

Iván Villavicencio said...

Este es un musico de culto... thanks...

Anonymous said...
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