"Its always a struggle. The instruments are wearing out, the guitar gets
harder and harder to tune, the tape loops get sicker and the batteries get
flatter, but Pumice perseveres." - Stefan Neville

(2009) Persevere 7" / V0


fED said...

WOW! Que cantidad de discos para escuchar!!!No creo que llegue a escuchar tantos en toda una vida. Ire bajando de a poco....(el encabezado es GENIAL!)

muito obrigado!!!!!

saludos desde argentina!

visita mi blog:


Johnny said...

thanks for this. it's typically brilliant.


Opa, rola de vocês linkarem meu blog ali no blogroll? www.1-de-abril.blogspot.com abraço e obrigado desde já. :)

frothindustries said...

So good to see here (or anywhere) on my most visited music blog. Pumice perseveres indeed and lays down3 classic tracks as good as ever.

Dead Dog said...

thanks! super rad record!!

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