Witcyst - Wet 4.1 (1999)

Witcyst is one of New Zealands most prolific musicians and has released over 400 tapes and 700 cdrs.

info: lastfm


bryan reynolds said...

Who could I get in touch w to share my music on the blog?

Roney Stones said...

send an email to experimentaletc@gmail.com.

Soidemersol said...

whoa, witcyst

MichaelVEET said...

Roney Stones

In Your Post 'Witcyst' (http://experimentaletc.blogspot.com/2010/05/witcyst.html)
Why is the info link Lastfm?
it is not Me, i do NOT know any Thing about it!

These Are Mine:
As Arts: http://witcyst.blogspot.com/
Sounds: http://etps-lifespace.blogspot.com/

Please do correctting this misstake.
Thank You for Your Time.

Michael VEET
In Rulitudesliously.

Roney Stones said...

Hi MichaelVEET,

this post was not made by me but by a colleague who also contributes to the blog. I will warn him about the mistake and correct it. Thank you for reporting