Bride of No No

"Bride of No No was a theatrical noise rock quartet formed in spring 1999 by Chicagoan Azita Youssefi. After her influential Scissor Girls project fizzled out, Youssefi formed Bride of No No with J Graff, MV Carbon, and J Kienzier. Their names may have been fabricated; it was all part of the show, as BONN also performed in floor-length, burka-inspired shrouds that left only their eyes visible. Since the Scissor Girls had made Youssefi a bit of a star in the underground music community, the mystery surrounding her new project was in part designed to present the quartet as equals, unmarred by preconceived notions of reputation or gender. Atavistic issued the debut Bride of No No release in early 2001. B.O.N.N. Apetit!'s discordant anti-melodies and claustrophobic vibe were a critical success, and the band performed at the Los Angeles installment of the artist-curated All Tomorrow's Parties music festival ( where Sonic Youth was host). However, by 2002, strife within the group was rampant, and by June of that year, Bride of No No was no more. The quartet had managed to record another album before its dissolution, however; the self-titled release appeared on Atavistic in June 2003. Youssefi went on to a solo career, and Drag City issued her debut, Enantidromia, in early 2003." (AMG)

Bride of No No - B.O.N.N. Apetit! / 320k