minimal electronics from Noah Lennox (Panda Bear) and Scott Mou. Coconuts is my personal favorite, but all three records are brilliant

"Scotty and I worked together at a record store in NYC. He was a DJ around town and he still is I think. We both really liked dance music and dance music from the very beginning and I mean stomps and shouts and claps and stuff like that. Of course we like all kinds of other stuff too, but it's the dance that gets us going on Jane. We played once at the Animal Collective practice space, but found it much more pleasant to play at Scotty's home in Greenpoint where he had his mixer and simple microphones and we would drink brews and talk about all kinds of things and then play. I would usually sing about stuff I was thinking about that day and Scotty would move with it, playing jams and it would all kind of pour out. We liked all the mechanical robo dance jams from Detroit and Chicago and Germany but we wanted to do something with less 0's and 1's and more souls. Mostly it was about hanging out together and talking and playing music that was about talking together and hanging out and thinking and feeling and having fun and dancing most of all".    Panda Bear

Paradise (2002, CDR)
Coconuts (2002, CDR)

Berserker (2005, Paw Tracks)


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Isn't that man Noah Lennox, ubiquitous as jim O'Rourke?