Boris Kovač

Ritual Nova (1986)  •  wiki


klonuo said...

Thanks for discovery

Files are bad mp3's with glitches and lowpass at 16KHz which suggests it's transcoded from 128 Kb/s to 320 KB/s

Bad practice, but I guess you have nothing to do with it, just distributing fine music in garbage containers :D

miskov said...

Yes, I think you're right. Found the 128 rip that sounds better than the one previously uploaded, so the link is changed now.
Thanks for the heads-up and sorry, i'm no good with the transcode thing.

klonuo said...

Thanks for you effort :)
I found similar release with quick search

This is much better, ~ 5dB quieter, no clipping, no glitches, LP rip with tiny LP clicks here and there which are pleasant anyhow. I'm enjoying this now
Best wishes