(2010) Pumice 10" / V0

"Some time ago, I got a message from Stefan Neville about this record: "I been workin on some recording for you. some dumb punk slop and some tape loop soup and a pretty love song." I couldn't describe the record better. It's maybe the end of an era for Pumice with his 8 track pushed to its maximum limits and dying soon after these recordings were finished. So the result is maybe one of the noisier Pumice records to date... with a pretty love song. Recorded in june 2009 in Sandringham, Auckland, NZ. And mixed in january 2010 at Mainz." doubtful sounds


Elliott said...

dude somethings up with your mediafire upload, its being tricky

. said...

Thanks For all the great music EXP ETC. Your blog is fantastic. L