Barricade 3 (1976)  •  ReR Megacorp

"The debut ZNR LP has long remained one of my all-time faves. A collision of eccentric Satie-esque miniatures, strange, amateurish keyboard/synth explorations and the occasional song, delivered in a mixture of French and Spanish tongues. I always think of the creepy, over-ripe vocals on Seynete as one of the LP’s most memorable moments, but there are many. A genuine hybrid of weirdness and beauty, Barricade 3 has kept me entertained for the better part of 18 years."  - Graham Lambkin (The Shadow Ring)


øשlqaeda said...

we were just spinnin this one again a few weeks ago. still sounds superb & warm with that weird hazy atmosphere

Papa said...

Mmmmm! Thanks for the meal
I'll see down by the river.

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