José Afonso

(1985) Galinhas do Mato / 192k

"Unable to sing due to the progressive development of his disease, José Afonso releases at the end of 1985 a new LP with original tunes. Only two of the ten themes which compose this record are interpreted by Afonso - the remaining tracks feature Helena Vieira (Tu Gitana), Né Ladeiras (Benditos), Luís Represas (Agora) Janita Salomé (Moda do Entrudo, Tarkovsky, Alegria da Criação), Catarina e Marta Salomé (Galinhas do Mato) and José Mário Branco (Década de Salomé, in partnership with Afonso). A wide range of friend decided to support the artist in this new endeavor, contributing to bring life to this impressive work by José Afonso. It is without effort that one would say that Galinhas do Mato is a great record, and not even the physical difficulties of its author which made him unable to directly participate in were able to eradicate the splendor and sincerity of this work. This proves that the words and music of José Afonso are able to resist to anything, even the absense of voice, shut down by such a foolish disease." Viriato Teles


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