Eddie Marcon


2007 kao ga aru

2009 綿の煙の招待状 / wata no kemuri no syotaijo

2009 過冷の絵空事 / karei no esoragoto


incolour said...

Oh my! Let me be the first to thank you! I am a huge fan of Shining on graveposts. Thank you so much!!!!!

Pu-ha said...

finally someone posts this. I haven't been able to find their 2009 releases anywhere..

Cezar Berger Junior said...

Muito lindo esse som, é uma mescla de sensações que vão da tristeza ao bucolismo. É o som ideal para refletir sobre as pequenas coisas, sentir a natureza, entender a si próprio, recomendo muito.

Benjamin said...

Ive only heard the first two, but they are beautiful.

Stavritsa said...

Thank you thank you. The subway commute has been transformed into something more magical with this.

. said...

Shining on Gravepost link is down. Could yo please reupload?

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