Harry Merry


First Contact + 7'' (2007)

olé records


Diego said...

sensacional esse disco.
nunca ouvi falar do cara antes e foi uma bela surpresa.
valeu mesmo!

Brinkkman said...

feliz que você gosta!
é emitido por uma etiqueta local (um amigo de um amigo).
premindo um fracassado, há apenas cem dele.

Brinkkman said...

sorry google translator didnt work out the way i wanted.

this is what i meant to say;

glad you like it,
it has been released by a local label (A Friend of a friend of mine)
due to a miss press they only made 100 of them.

Soidemersol said...

google translator made a good job, it was quite understandable, heheh


Brinkkman said...

when i translated it from portoguese to dutch it was a total mess.

thanks for the tip anyway, now i know i can use it for school for real.

Zach Ostedt said...

any chance of a re up?

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