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Soul and R&B

Suggestions for other tapes, more info, etc. are welcome


凱許倫 said...
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Can u upload these with Separate Tracks?? Thanks
MRC-028 - Classical Music For & By The People
MRC-027 - Time Is Longer Than Rope
MRC-017 - Everything Crash
MRC-035 – Satan Is Real

Brinkkman said...

Those are in the works,

satan is real is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I also would like to request Satan is Real and if at all possible mrc-051 Lullabies and Dream Songs.

Brinkkman said...

comming up, but it's gonna take a day or two


awesome! thanks!

Gary said...

I'd love to see any of the following: 9, 20, 21, 23, 25, 29, 31, 32, 39, 41, 42, 44, 52-56, and 59 through the end of the series. According to the MRC-050 cover, it will go through 100.

Brinkkman said...

Dear Gary, I would love to do those, but most of these (except for 9 + 32, sunda pop is posted earlier: , 9 is comming up) aren't uploaded by the wonderful rootstrata blog. Since I live in The Netherlands and not in Portland the only thing we can do is waiting on the rootstrata blog. If you have a place where I could get them that would be wonderfull. thx anyway

Holly said...

Thank you so much! I can only imagine the time & effort you put into this project, it's most definitely appreciated.

Other rootstrata mrcs that are as yet unsplit:


Holly :-)

Holly said...

Oh -and 038 ...

Brinkkman said...

already posted everything except 51, which is comming up

(you can find them here :
it's nice to see you all enjoy it so much

Anonymous said...

028 changed the way i thought about classical music forever. it's title "for the people and by the people' says it all. it needed to be knocked off its ivory pedestal, grabbed by the wrists, sprung from the museum out into the streets where it could wash off all the dust its accumulated in one of the open fire hydrants. d.c.'s got a lot in the summer. really, can't thank you enough for this whole series, best comps ive stumbled across in a dog's age. thank you. i played in a band called jonathan fire-eater in nyc in the early 90's. now i play in somethin called the Child Ballads, w/ old friend and h e double hockey sticks of a gtr player, judah bauer. please check it out, its the best i can do in terms of meager compensation. unless you dig poetry.
yer pal till the credits roll,
Stewart Lupton

Brinkkman said...

dear stewart,
you are completely right. there is no such thing as an elitist music form. there is no such thing as bad or good taste.
i guess they really hit the spot when they released classical music on tape. they crushed all the hi-fi recording on that one, and also made it for and by the people by releasing it on tape.
i also really like your music, and i like seeing you hang out on this blog.
Daan/Luuk van den Brink

Aaron said...

Check out tapes on the Magnetic South label. Many worth checking out and posting.