VA Le Jazz Non

Le Jazz Non (A Compilation Of Nineties NZ Noise) (1996)  •  discogs

"If there was one disc I absolutely had to do on H/corp it was this one. While there really was no 'scene' at that point in NZ for this kind of work [and now there really actually is such a thing] - this compilation showed that a 'NZ noise' community existed at least in embryo. It was a pretty good geographical spread, with none of the South Island snobbery that marked Xpressway. Ironically as this was released H/corp was starting to become very determinedly international, and the percentage of NZ releases actually declined after this point. Of course, most people involved in this went on to have heaps of releases on other labels, so the job was well and truly done. Looking back, this does mark out a certain time and a shared aesthetic of some sort, as all good compilations do."  - Bruce Russell


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