VA Matter Dominates Spirit

Matter Dominates Spirit (A Tribute To Jim Shepard)

CD 1 - Valis

CD 2 - Modesto

CD 3 - V-3 Live

CD 4 - Pure Ether

CD 5 - Additional Wreckage

CD 6 - Perimeter

"This is the extended version of the Jim Shepard tribute LP that was released in 2001 on Meta Records. It contains a lot of covers of Shepard's work... but more importantly, CD 6 (Perimeter) contains the recordings that was supposed to be the material for his next album (the one after the motorcycle movie)."

Huge thanks to the original uploader. 


Brinkkman said...

awesome, thanks!

village_idiot said...

very impressive. thanks for all the wonderful ohio stuff lately.

Torn_By_Wolves said...

Thanks...I've been trying to get my hands on this for years.

Charles Hodgson said...

CD6 link doesn't seem to work - any chance of putting this back up? Would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

charlespoet said...

Charles send me an email and I will be sure you get the sixth disc.

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