The Scene Is Now

Total Jive (1987)

Total Jive could only be made in NYC around 1987. Most of the members of The Scene Is Now were active in the no-wave scene (Information, Mofungo and later also Pere Ubu & the DB's). Somehow Total Jive always remaind obscure, while in my eyes it's a total masterpiece. In these songs all the standard rock 'n roll ideas are thrown away. Without sounding like abstract avant-garde work, these songs are all very loose, always changing structure, but still remain to achieve their goal. This truly sounds like a couple of goofy no-wave and jazz musicians, with no real musician ship, are trying to create pop songs. This is already my favorite, hope it does the same thing to you, enjoy



miskov said...

great album. thank you for this discovery

Brinkkman said...
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