Paul Bowles

Black Star At The Point Of Darkness (1991)  

"Recorded in Tangier especially for Sub Rosa, this album is a unique kaleidoscope of Paul Bowles' talents. The writer, musician, musicologist and wanderer is here in the full diversity of his work. We hear his voice reading poems and short stories, his recordings of ritual Morrocan music and, what he himself considers one of his most accomplished works, the Six Preludes for Piano performed by Jean-Luc Fafchamps in a sensitive contemporary interpretation. As the wind howls over the roof at noon, do not be afraid, the Invisible Spectator will be at your side."  - Sub Rosa


cnjnctvsynth said...

Here, I just thought he was an incredible writer. I had no idea. Thanks for this.

hideo said...

ALWAYS looking for more Bowles readings and this one has always eluded me, thank you!