Romica Puceanu

Muzica De Colectie  •  info


øשlqaeda said...

sweet miskov, i did not know this existed & am rather fond of this songbyrd in general. what a babe :)

miskov said...

yeah man :)
i think it's the second cd in "muzica de colectie" series, which is just pure awesomeness. 3 or 4 of these tunes were also on that Asphalt Tango comp, but others were new to me so i hope you find something for yourself as well :)

miskov said...

oh this is the third one, Dona Dumitru Siminica was on the second

øשlqaeda said...

this is supersweet. thx for the info

Jo/No said...

Oh, muchas gracias! Been listening to Romica a lot lately since I bought the Asphalt Tango comp a month ago. I've also ran into a sweet old 10inch with Romanian songbird Gabi Lunca this summer. Always appreciate more Eastern European stuff if you got any more goodies!

Meanwhile you're welcome to check out my new Swedish favourites OK Star Orchestra over at my blog:

Lovely instrumentals inspired by Paln Wine, Ju Ju, Ry Cooder, Dire STraits (?!) and what not.

DJ Noroc said...

love it! what a great surprise! i didn't think you'd know this kind of stuff!

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