Danny & Lynda

First Revelation Of Danny & Lynda (1970-71)

"Danny and Lynda Kimer present a new exciting sound in gospel music. Some call them rock, some call them country, some call them blues, some call them pop. They are all of these and more. Combining all styles, their sound is contemporary and is easylistening to anyone who loves music. All the music on this album is performed by Danny and Lynda and their drummers John Hauser and Bob Argiro. With this album they wish to proclaim their love for Jesus and share his love with everyone in the way they know best. May the Lord bless all who hear psychedelic music."  - Danny & Lynda

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kevinass said...

They really are soooo goood...here is their first lp: http://heavenly-grooves.blogspot.com/2010/10/danny-lynda-gospel-1972.html